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D.I.S. – Critical Failure Review

Get ready to bust out your skateboards and vandalize your neighborhood, because after hearing D.I.S., you won’t be able to do anything else. That’s right, Critical Failure contains 25 minutes of non-stop classic thrash action.

Rosetta – A Determinism Of Morality Review

Metal for astronauts. Rosetta’s moniker echoes over and over in my thoughts as I try to discern the exact emotions that the band is attempting to convey. Much like an astronaut, I feel like I’m

Heaven Shall Burn – Invictus Review

So here we are again. Heaven Shall Burn is back, with their wonderfully intense vocals, explosive breakdowns, melodic guitar riffs, politically charged lyrics, nostalgic interludes…and the same damn sound we have been listening to since

Nàttsòl – Stemning Review

Out of the shadowy forests of Norway comes Nàttsòl, a band that has secretly been in the works since the cold, dreary winter of 2006. Stemning, the band’s freshman effort, pays homage to many of

Mordax – Slaughter Review

“Horror has a face…and you must make a friend of horror. Horror and moral terror are your friends.” Mordax is yet another band that mixes together two extreme genres of music that once graced our

Realmbuilder – Summon The Stone Throwers Review

Straight out of New York city comes the “epic” metal-playing duo, Realmbuilder. Sadly, the only thing epic about Summon The Stone Throwers is its failure. Its tracks are filled with the type of monotony and blandness

Dew Scented – Invocation Review

With oil spilling all over the place, high unemployment, useless wars and politicians being bought out by the very people who continue to cause all of these awful disasters, there certainly hasn’t been a shortage

Myrath – Desert Call Review

From the distant shores of Tunisia comes the country’s first major metal act, Myrath. Desert Call, the band’s sophomore release, is thickly layered with various tribal instruments, which enrich the album with distinct Tunisian flavor