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Darkspace – Darkspace III I Review

Darkness is the most fascinatingly vast concept the universe has ever offered us, and the most terrifyingly claustrophobic. It is infinite — and nothing — all at the same time. Apply this concept to our

Panopticon – Roads To The North Review

One of the main advantages an artist has after “breaking through” is the ability to push their personal projects into new directions at a much quicker rate while still keeping a centralized theme looming over

Spectral Lore – III Review

“No eternity was ever promised to you, child…” Music that is existential in nature has an immense tendency to transport listeners into its own world. Like dead flies sucked through a vacuum, we are, if

Entartung – Peccata Mortalia Review

The problem with jam bands is that they suck. Sure, they may be technically proficient, but if you want great musicianship and awful songs, there’s a plethora of tech-death bands that noodle along their frets

The Ruins Of Beverast – Blood Vaults: The Blazing Gospel Of Heinrich Kramer Review

Alexander von Meilenwald, sole originator, songwriter and performer of all instruments for The Ruins of Beverast is the most creative artist in black metal today. Before examining his latest work, a brief overview of his

Caladan Brood – Echoes Of Battle Review

One of the key elements of true artistry is juxtaposition. The simplest example one could give of this, from the visual perspective, is the process of using black and white with one another to create

KK’s Best Of 2012: Fuck Hope And Godspeed

For the sake of brevity, I’ll spare everyone the details of what went on in my life this year, how the weather is, how I feel about current global economic difficulties, etc. etc. etc. Like

Kreator – Phantom Antichrist Review

Macht. Schnelligkeit. Simplizität. It’s easy to make the parallel between composers and engineers when Germany is involved. For years, mechanics all over the world tried and tried to discover Ferdinand Porsche’s great secrets of automobile