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Bloodbath – Bloodbath Over Bloodstock Review

Originally written by Sasha Horn “We’re filming tonight… They’re not gonna film you guys so much. They’re not gonna film the guys in the band so much. They’re gonna film me a lot.” I happen

00s Essentials – Volume Nine

If you are the type of metalhead that just likes to thrash, mosh, and ‘bang until the sun comes up, then Volume 9 is your neck-wrecking menu. Extremely tasty traditional-ish metal combines with just about

Bloodbath – Unblessing The Purity Review

Originally written by Brady Humbert. Amongst my fellow death metal comrades, Bloodbath is hallowed ground. They are a supergroup to say the least, featuring current and former members of Opeth, Katatonia, Hypocrisy, Edge of Sanity, Witchery, as well as a few others. What Bloodbath deals is straight

Bloodbath – Nightmares Made Flesh Review

It’s Bloodbath, which means a certain homage will be paid to your Death Metal heroes while getting all the advantages that modern recording techniques can deliver. If you are me, that means you are going

Bloodbath – Resurrection Through Carnage Review

Originally written by Ty Brookman For those of you who have had the unfortunate fortune of not receiving word of this almighty side project please allow me to do the mandatory honors of introducing the