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Last Rites’ Best Of 2009 – Combined Staff List

2009 will go down as one of the busiest years in heavy metal history. An incredible number of must-hear albums were released, making this one of the most hotly-contested compilations in recent memory. Painstakingly selected by the

00s Essentials – Volume Ten

We hope that over the last 10 weeks you have made some great new album discoveries due to this absolute monster of all decade-ending lists. Better yet, we hope you have formed some new obsessions.

Blut Aus Nord – Memoria Vetusta II: Dialogue With The Stars Review

originally written by Chris McDonald Blut Aus Nord has taken the underground metal scene by veritable storm since the world heard The Work Which Transforms God in 2003, with each subsequent release garnering fevered anticipation

Blut Aus Nord – Odinist: The Destruction of Reason By Illumination Review

French black metal behemoth Blut Aus Nord returns with Odinist: The Destruction of Reason By Illumination, an intriguing release in that since the band burst onto the larger metal stage with the phenomenal The Work Which Transforms God, they’ve been

Blut Aus Nord – Metamorphosis Of Realistic Theories (MoRT)

Over the past couple years, a lot of American critics and fans have commented on France’s recent burgeoning and impressive contributions to metal, and one of the albums that’s often cited in examples of this

Blut Aus Nord – The Work Which Transforms God Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance I am just a casual fan of black metal. I have a begrudging respect for the genre, but for the most part I focus my energy elsewhere. However, I do