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Chuck Schuldiner – Zero Tolerance Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance For fans of death metal, it’s nearly impossible to not be intrigued by the pre-history of Death. For a band of such lasting importance, it’s entirely fitting that their back

Mithras – Forever Advancing Legions (Reissue) Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance Mithraism, the antiquated religion devoted to war god Mithras, is now but a shadow of its former self. Even as far as ancient mythologies go, it’s really obscure. However, 4000

Blut Aus Nord – The Work Which Transforms God Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance I am just a casual fan of black metal. I have a begrudging respect for the genre, but for the most part I focus my energy elsewhere. However, I do

Mindgrinder – MindTech Review

Originally written by Drew Ailes Mindgrinder play sort of a…well, I don’t know, death metal, sure. Conventional? Not really. There’s a small amount of black metal influence, some classic groovy death metal, industrial samples of sorts…all

Pro-Pain – Fistful of Hate Review

Another year, another Pro-Pain album. These guys keep putting out albums about as regularly as Iron Maiden albums get reissued. That’s not a complaint, just an observation. Now calling Candlelight Records their home both stateside

Sceptic – Unbeliever`s Script Review

It’s been a while. Somehow Sceptic got passed to me, after a few weeks of music that was making me rethink my whole devotion to guitars in general. I am very happy to say that

1349 – Beyond The Apocalypse Review

Originally written by Ryan Plunkett Wait a minute… what is going on here? There is decent production, a solid sound… there’s no way this could be the same 1349 that released Liberation just a little

In The Woods – Strange In Stereo Review

originally written by Daniel Martinez In. The. Woods. When combined, those three words are synonymous with mystery and excellence. You see, this is one of those bands that remain somewhat obscure even for more than