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Fast Rites Vol. 10 Summer Doldrums?

The late summer doldrums are here, but many artists are looking beyond the seasons to the stars. Blood Incanation‘s Starspawn currently has tongues wagging, and the new album from Satan-Is-In-The-Cosmos explorers Inquisition is about to drop into everybody’s laps. But, you should

Centinex – World Declension Review

Originally written by Justin Bean. Reviewing a band such as Centinex is always a pleasure; it’s damn near a guarantee that I won’t be disappointed with what I hear. I might even thoroughly enjoy it and think

Centinex – Decadence – Prophecies Of Cosmic Chaos Review

Originally written by Gregory Bradley. And so the war continues between Sweden and Finland for the crown of best melodic death metal-producing country. 2003 was full of Finnish victories, with their lightning speed and hyper-melodic

Centinex – Diabolical Desolation Review

Originally written by Dan Staige. So, during my “bi-weekly” trip to the closest record store that carries any music that can be called half-way tasteful, I come across this Centinex. Now, on the shrink wrap