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No One Knows What The Dead Think – No One Knows What The Dead Think Review

On these fine digital pages, we once wrote that “… most rational humans hate grind.” This remains an accurate statement. Grind is what “normal” people hear when you play them any sort of metal. “He’s

Haiyano Daisuki – Invincible Gate Mind Of The Infernal Fire Hell, Or Did You Mean Hawaii Daisuki? Review

Wow. I needed that. To let you in a bit on my life of late, I’d struggled across the last few months with a review or two of albums that were solid enough but in

Discordance Axis – Our Last Day Review

Originally written by Drew Ailes I’m going to make this review relatively short and sweet. Don’t buy this. Even if you’re into noise. Now, I think Hydrahead is a great label and everything. Don’t get