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Battleroar – Codex Epicus Review

At the intersection of Blind Guardian and Manilla Road lies Greece’s Battleroar—epic paeans to battle and heroes, historical tales of Ye Olden Days, infectious guitar leads, soaring melodies, bombastic choirs… Codex Epicus is the band’s

Age Of Taurus – The Colony Slain Review

It’s no secret that the apple that is doom metal has fallen moderately out of the public eye. Yes, America is still in love with Pallbearer and his brother, Darryl, and his other brother, Darryl,

Solstice – White Horse Hill Review

To your left: Three minutes into Johan Länquist’s version of one of the greatest doom songs ever recorded from side B of what many consider to be one of the world’s finest doom records, epic

Forsaken – Pentateuch Review

Of the countless reasons behind people’s choice to wander into the confines of heavy metal, our elemental need to be different and disassociate from the mainstream has to be considered the most perplexing because even

Solstice – Death’s Crown Is Victory Review

Anyone who believes being in a long-established metal band is in any way glamorous should probably have his or her head examined. As if the current state of the industry and its paltry payouts aren’t

Atlantean Kodex – The White Goddess Review

I watched a drug deal unfold two feet away from me at a bus stop next to the del Norte Bay Area Rapid Transit station at 10:30am on a Friday morning. The act was recklessly

Caladan Brood – Echoes Of Battle Review

One of the key elements of true artistry is juxtaposition. The simplest example one could give of this, from the visual perspective, is the process of using black and white with one another to create

Candlemass – Psalms For The Dead Review

I’ve had more than a handful of people remark that I’ve been too critical of the Robert Lowe era of Candlemass responsible for King of the Grey Islands (2007) and Death Magic Doom (2009). In