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Chimaira – Resurrection Review

Originally written by David Ochoa. I keep hoping to be proven wrong.  I keep hoping that Chimaira will somehow fulfill the potential they have always shown glimpses of having in a curveball album that is consistently uncompromising,

Zao – The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here Review

originally written by Jim Brandon I’m purposely avoiding a long history lesson, and the lineup changes are still in a perpetual state of motion. This is inconsequential to me. What does matter is how Zao

In Flames – Come Clarity Review

Dave Pirtle’s take: Good news – this ain’t Soundtrack To Your Escape Bad news – this ain’t The Jester Race And you know what? You just might like it anyway. I’ve already seen this album called a

A Life Once Lost – Hunter Review

Originally written by Doug Moore. Anyone who’s tried to express an idea via words or music is familiar with the frustration of translation errors from one medium to the other. No matter how perfectly formulated

Zao – The Funeral Of God Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Possibly one of the year’s most anticipated Metalcore/Godcore releases, the reformed Zao, now on Ferret Records seem aware of the growth of the genre they helped pioneer with little or