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Primordial – The Gathering Wilderness

Originally written by Drew Ailes I used to love Opeth. I adored them. I owned every album of theirs and eagerly awaited the next release. Around the time of Blackwater Park, I started to lose interest. To

Månegarm – Vargaresa: The Beginning Review

Originally written by Jason Lawrence To those of you not all too familiar with the Black Metal subgenre, mayhap you don’t really know much about the sub sect of “Viking Metal”, which was arguably started

Cruachan – Pagan Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas I just don’t know what to make out of Ireland’s Cruachan. With their gritty but promising 1995 debut album, Tuatha Na Gael, they seemed poised to open up a new

Fall Of The Leafe – Volvere Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Fall of the Leafe are one of the few bands that have drastically opened up their sound and evolved into more commercial pastures successfully. There style shift can be likened

Finntroll – Nattfodd Review

Originally written by Gregory Bradley. A young goblin boy’s bar mitzvah. A polka party for a troll pirate captain. The soundtrack for two orc children ceremonially bowling human heads into a poisonous bog. All of

Falkenbach – Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Slithering in like a Longship amid the fog to the ill fated isle of Lindisfarne, Falkenbach somehow escaped my Viking/folk metal radar, sneaking by 2 albums before I finally laid

Lumsk – Åsmund Frægdegjevar Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas A folk metal band from Norway with a vast array of guest performers; is this Asmegin reincarnated? Not too far off, but no. Lumsk, while certainly folk metal, are not

Asmegin – Hin Vordende Sod & Sø Review

Originally written by Jason Lawrence Folk Metal is a tricky genre; you either love it, hate it, or have no clue it exists. It is certainly one of the less explored sub-genres of Metal, and