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Helpless – Debt Review

About two weeks or so back, I got a message from Last Rites Central Command asking me if my Helpless review was ready. “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I responded, for once

Antigama – The Insolent Review

Originally written by Chris Redar Didn’t Antigama just drop a phenomenal album a short while ago? ‘Heads should still be whiplashing their necks to 2013’s Meteor, which still feels as fresh and vital as the

Beaten to Death – Xes and Strokes Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance The following is a portion of a list of grindcore acts described as “no nonsense,” according to a quick Google search. Wormrot Misery Index Napalm Death Nasum Rotten Sound Extreme

Abigail Williams – Becoming Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance After cycling through nearly 20 bandmates and two distinctly modern approaches to symphonic black metal, Abigail Williams’ main man Ken Sorceron sounds closer to finding a style that suits him on Becoming,

Antagony – Rebirth Review

I have a long history with Antagony, so you’ll just have to indulge me as I give you a background featuring names and titles that will fly right over your head. I first discovered the

Napalm Death – Leaders Not Followers: Part 2 Review

Originally written by Drew Ailes Kicking off with a Cryptic Slaughter cover, how can an album possibly go wrong? It can’t. Napalm Death, a band that could be paid tribute to themselves, cover a variety of classic punk,