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Nuke – Nuke Review

Somewhere along the anthropological evolution of metal, way back there in the mid 60s, in the city of Detroit, resides the MC5. A band full of Motor City grit, shotguns, a whole bunch of drugs


Coffin Lust – Manifestation of Inner Darkness Review

It seems like these days you can’t swing a dead possum without hitting another throwback, old-school death metal band. Certainly many of these revival bands mimic the Gothenburg sound for its palatable ease. Yet, some

Deceased – Cadaver Traditions Review

I hope you like Deceased, and for two reasons. The most important is simply because Deceased rules. I’ve said before, many times, but one more won’t hurt: They’re one of extreme metal’s most fun bands.

Scythian – Hubris In Excelsis Review

Like Lychgate, the last band that your’s truly reviewed here at LR, Scythian calls London home. A bit of research reveals that the two are separated by only a couple band member degrees. Scythian bassist/vocalist S.

Acid Witch – Midnight Movies Review

In the 1980s, heavy metal was straight from the mouth of the devil. If you asked any decent upstanding citizen or church-going housewife, they’d tell you that heavy metal music promoted an explicit agenda of

Atomic Aggressor – Sights Of Suffering Review

Friends, I have gone on record as a doofus, and I do not intend to recant. Generally speaking, I am no great defender of musical orthodoxies: I like folk in my doom, ambient in my

Dwell – Vermin And Ashes Review

Despite Vermin and Ashes being the full length debut from Denmark’s dastardly doom/deathers Dwell, the band brings with it a curious type of minor underground pedigree. Among their ranks are members of such bands as

Midnight – No Mercy For Mayhem Review

Coming off some great EPs and beastly full length Satanic Royalty, Midnight crept into the hearts of many an leather-donned ‘head through a combination of Venom’s proto black metal and Motörhead’s, well, everything. Speedy, riffy,