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Midnight Odyssey – Shards Of Silver Fade Review

The collapse of the record industry and the proliferation of inexpensive tools for independent recording and distribution have meant, in many ways, a liberation of artistic expression. On the whole, then, that’s a good thing:

Sepulchre – I Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell Oddly, many metalheads have been slow to accept the notion that black metal and punk have more similarities than differences. Maybe it’s the perception that metal musicianship bears a heightened

00s Essentials – Volume Four

No, this isn’t a collection the decade’s ugliest album covers; this is yet another cross-section of the most elite heavy metal the past ten years has seen. Equal parts beatdown, sophistication, throwback, and progress, Volume

Xerath – I Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell Xerath‘s debut, I, is inhuman. In a bad way. Typically, the use of such a descriptor is regarded as a positive. Throughout the history of metaldom, legions of bands have effectively

I – Between Two Worlds Review

Originally written by Jon Eardley After a three year hiatus in which many days were spent reflecting on all that has been and all that might come to be, the mighty Norwegian warrior that dwells