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Hostium – The Bloodwine Of Satan Review

Your enjoyment of an album likeThe Bloodwine of Satan, the debut album by Canada’s Hostium, depends entirely on how much “type metal” you have or want in your life. Type metal is easy to spot, though

Khthoniik Cerviiks – SeroLogiikal Scars (Vertex Of Dementiia) Review

Way back in 2014, Germany’s Khthoniik Cerviiks released a demo that felt rather un-demo-y. Heptaëdrone was over 40 minutes of the kind of blistering, raw “black/death metal” that is very common on Iron Bonehead Productions,

Onirik – Casket Dream Veneration Review

Casket Dream Veneration is the fourth full length from one-man Portuguese black metal act Onirik, and if the quality here is any indication of the past, one would hope that sole member Gonius Rex does

Albez Duz – The Coming Of Mictlan Review

German duo Albez Duz evidently derive their name from some medieval Germanic meaning “swan noisiness” or “swan rush.” Because I don’t know what either of those things are, I’ll be sticking to my original theory

Iron Bonehead Roundup – Four Doses Of Pulsing Corruption

Y’all are down with Iron Bonehead by now, yes? No other label has been churning out the underground filth with as vicious a streak lately as these Handwerksmeisters of degradation. They’ve got a vigorous thumb