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Love Exchange Failure cover art

White Ward – Love Exchange Failure Review

Extreme music is an evocative artform that inspires a lot of great album covers. Every metalhead can rattle off a few classics that screamed DANGER in their eager youth, or recent releases that caught their

Reverse Polarity – Lady In Decline

Welcome back, friends, to Reverse Polarity, the overarching goal of which is to highlight albums outside the realm of heavy metal that might nonetheless appeal to the discerning metalhead. These choices may not always be

Reverse Polarity – Take The A ‘Trane

Welcome, intrepid reader, to the first in what will be an ongoing editorial series highlighting albums and artists well outside the realm of heavy metal that might still make the seasoned headbanger pause their recently-unearthed

Ephel Duath – The Painter’s Palette Review

Originally written by Ryan Plunkett Ephel Duath’s The Painter’s Palette is a release that has had much hype surrounding it, mainly due to their record company. Formerly a duo that composed symphonic black metal, Ephel