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Kataklysm – Epic – The Poetry Of War Review

Ty Brookman’s take: What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Canada? Of course, the foking infamous bacon. Canada’s claim to fame, the Canadian crown jewel. The final compliment to my

Kataklysm – Heaven’s Venom Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell Nearly a year ago, I took the plunge into adulthood and cut my hair. (The reasons for this were myriad, with the fact that my hairline could no longer handle

00s Essentials – Volume Seven

Volume Seven shoves its way into the latter half our list with authority. This edition contains some of the most cathartic albums of the decade, for wildly varying reasons. Whether you prefer to drown your

Kataklysm – Prevail Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell “What the hell…everybody ends up dead.  It’s just a matter of when.” Sorry for the spoiler, but that’s the sampled quote that opens the newKataklysm record. As far as spoilers go,

Kataklysm – In The Arms Of Devastation Review

Originally written by Jason Jordan. It’s not so much about the Benjamins as it is about the riffs, and Kataklysm have plenty of them. Surprisingly, this Canadian band has been tearing it up for 15 years, but

Kataklysm – Serenity In Fire Review

Originally written by Dan Staige. I’ve bobbed my head to Kataklysm for quite awhile now, since The Prophecy (Stigmata of the Immaculate) to be exact. But for some reason, I never really took them too seriously for several reasons.

Kataklysm – Shadows & Dust Review

Written by Ryan Plunkett Last year I was fortunate enough to catch Kataklysm live at Milwaukee Metalfest, and they totally blew me away. Maurizio’s brutal vokills, accompanied by some heavy riffs had me totally riveted