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Tanith – In Another Time Review

Nostalgia is probably overrated, at least the most common notion of it, the poignant sense that what was is somehow inherently better than what is. It’s a lie of which we are well aware, if

Anaal Nathrakh – A New Kind Of Horror Review

Although heavy metal’s musical hubs have shifted over time, Birmingham retains pride of place not only for being arguably the earliest forge (Black Sabbath), but for being both an incubator and an accelerator. Follow the

Satan – Cruel Magic Review

One of the more tragic aspects of the genre-defining New Wave Of British Heavy Metal was that few bands managed to continue the momentum after the peak of the movement. By the mid-80s, many acts

Visigoth – Conqueror’s Oath Review

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back The Godfather: Part II The Dark Knight Terminator 2 The Road Warrior Dawn of the Dead Aliens The Raid 2 Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey While I’m sure there

Execration – Return to the Void Review

Return to the Void is a death metal masterpiece laced with cosmic imagery, catchy leads and plenty of forward-thinking aspects meant to entice, ensnare, and yes Michael, ensorcell. Where Odes of the Occult was perhaps more difficult to

Denner / Sherman – Satan’s Tomb Review

As the story goes, former Mercyful Fate guitarists Michael Denner and Hank Shermann got together a few times in the past couple years to record YouTube videos celebrating the thirtieth anniversaries of Mercyful Fate’s first

Facebreaker – Infected Review

When I first saw that there was a band called Facebreaker, I immediately assumed it had to be some third- or fourth-rate, chugga-chugga metalcore band. I didn’t even bother to read their bio or listen

Rose Funeral – Gates of Punishment Review

Originally written by Jordan Campbell In 2012, deathcore is basically dead. For some, this is cause for celebration. Those that bristled at scenester poseurs occupying the opening slots of every other death metal gig can