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Best Of 2019 – Top 10 EPs & Demos

In the lyrics to “I Wish,” the title track of the album of the same name, rapper Skee-Lo wished for many things. He wished for cars, for girls, for a rabbit in a hat with

Village Of Dead Roads – Desolation Will Destroy You Review

originally written by Jim Brandon As pleasantly bleak and calamitous as so much death and black metal aspires to be, give me a good doom or sludge album that makes my skin crawl with those

Freedom Hawk – Freedom Hawk Review

“Hey, man, is that Freedom Hawk?” “Yeah, man!” “Well, TURN IT UP, MAN!” That decades-old commercial featuring two burnouts discussing the merits of a classic rock compilation is not only fitting because of the pun

WhiteBuzz – Book Of Whyte Review

Originally written by Chris Chellis. WhiteBuzz come careening out of the gate with the sludge of EyeHateGod and the enchanting vocal melody of Om on their debut effort, Book of Whyte. An hour-long affair that boasts just five tracks, the first

Snail – Blood Review

originally written by Jim Brandon Formed way back in 1992 by Marty Dodson, Matt Lynch, and Mark Johnson (Plugusher/Blessing The Hogs/The Crucified), Seattle, Washington’s Snail have reunited after dealing with a bunch of regular human

New Keepers Of The Water Towers – Chronicles Review

originally written by Jim Brandon Once every few years I have to stop and evaluate the state of rock music: who it’s trying to appeal to, where it’s going as far as breaking new ground,

Elder – Elder Review

Originally written by Brian Sweeney. After the first few bars of Elder’s self-titled, full-length debut, I couldn’t get the ghosts of stoner-doom torchbearers Sleep out of my rearview mirror. Elder’s slow, groovy riffs with vocalist/guitarist Nick DiSalvo’s rumbling vocals

Dead Man – Euphoria Review

Pssst! C’mere, I have a little secret… Not all hippie music is bad. Sure, I’d rather eat a box full of rotted tacks than subject my ears to Phish, but as is often the case