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Gems from the Back of the Fridge, Part 1 – Albums You Might Have Missed in 2016

You have a better chance of living off the cash in your tip jar as an embalmer than you would keeping up with every metal release that shoots across this scene’s radar every year. All

Panzerbastard – Gods, Thugs And Madmen Review

A few years back, I accidentally stumbled across Boston’s PanzerBastard, and it was a happy accident, because they definitely struck a chord, their crusty thrashing metal equal parts of personal favorites Discharge, Motorhead and Celtic

Panzerbastard – Centurion Review

Given the presence of twin Celtic Frost covers, the seemingly unofficial “Into The Panzermonium” subtitle of this new EP from Boston punk-thrash outfit Panzerbastard is both amusing and apropos.  (That addendum came along in my

Panzerbastard – 2006-2009 Review

So, first off, as you may have noticed, this band is called “Panzerbastard.” And, as you also may have noticed, that’s pretty rad. I signed up for this solely because of that radness, and I