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Orphaned Land – Mabool: The Story Of The Three Sons Of Seven Review

Originally written by Ian Dreilinger. Bands that keep you waiting for an album for an extended period raise the expectations exponentially. Eight years, in my book, definitely epitomizes extended, and Israel’s Orphaned Land has actually made something

Threshold – Critical Energy Review

Jesus H Christ…Now THIS is anachrometal done right! Start with songs that, while seemingly simple, leave a lot of room for individual movement by the various players. Add a clean singer that seems to understand

Pain Of Salvation – 12:5 Review

Pain of Salvation is another one of the million bands I have heard about but never heard, at least not to where it stuck in my mind. So this is my POS baptism: an Unplugged

Gojira – The Link Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas I’d like to give credit to France’s Gojira for providing me with opportunity to write one of the hardest reviews I’ve ever had to write. With The Link, they have

Scarve – Irradiant Review

Scarve is a french progmelothrash band, or so it says in their bio. I disagree, sort of. The melodic parts of the band are very elegantly covered by the vicious power of the songs, and

Keelhaul – Subject To Change Without Notice Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas There must be something wrong with me. After reading a few glowing reviews of this Ohio band’s 2nd album, and seeing words like Isis, Dillenger Escape Plan and thrash thrown

Vintersorg – The Focusing Blur Review

Originally written by Ian Dreilinger. Being as huge an advocate for genre melding as I am, it’s rare that I find a musician with a very forward thinking mentality and enough talent to back up

Death Machine – Death Machine Review

Every now and then, an album comes along that fills you with an indescribable feeling, and all you can do is sit back and listen in sheer awe. When that album comes from right out