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Reverse Polarity – Glassworks

Some of the very finest bands in extreme metal succeed through a strategy of sheer overwhelming force. Volume, speed, weight; louder than loud, faster than hell, heavier than death. The question for any such band,

Reverse Polarity – Get Heavy Soul(ed)

Heavy, of course, is relative. And I suppose, in a phrase, that’s the whole point of this damn editorial series. Too many of us, for too long, have willingly (or at least unthinkingly) participated in

Reverse Polarity – Jarboe Wants To Fuck Your Soul

Jarboe’s metal bona fides are well in order. Since the original dissolution of Swans fifteen years ago, this avant-goth noisemaker has boasted an impressive number of collaborations across extreme music’s fertile underbelly: album-length statements with

Reverse Polarity – Autechre Attacks

This month’s installment of Reverse Polarity takes a look at true electronic music pioneers – the British duo of Sean Booth and Rob Brown, otherwise known as Autechre. Unlike fellow electronic music inductees Venetian Snares, there is nothing particularly

Reverse Polarity – Lady In Decline

Welcome back, friends, to Reverse Polarity, the overarching goal of which is to highlight albums outside the realm of heavy metal that might nonetheless appeal to the discerning metalhead. These choices may not always be

Reverse Polarity – Breakcore Is A Frozen Shithole

Aaron Funk is a bad man. The Winnipeg native has been bashing out top-notch electronic albums under the name Venetian Snares at a rather astonishing rate over the past decade, but always with a devilishly

Reverse Polarity – Take The A ‘Trane

Welcome, intrepid reader, to the first in what will be an ongoing editorial series highlighting albums and artists well outside the realm of heavy metal that might still make the seasoned headbanger pause their recently-unearthed