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Deliriant Nerve – Contaminated Conscience

2022 was a year thoroughly blessed by the grindcore gods. If you didn’t have your ear to the crusty, grimy, cheap beer-soaked ground, you missed one of the strongest grind years in recent memory. Perhaps

Neurectomy – Overwrought Review

Do you hate your brain? Not in the way where you’re a touch frustrated with that ol’ silly goose for making you forget your least favorite child at the bus stop again. I mean the

Stunner – Motor Worship Review

[Cover art by Vrugarth Doom] The last time we saw the Nightfighter, our hero had barely escaped with their life from the future city of Megalopolis. The sprawling cyber municipality took its toll out on

Black, Raw, & Bleeding: Enlightened In The Gleam Of The Scythe, Its Blade Reflecting Funeral Pyres Of The Black Metal Underground

A new moon has passed once again, and yet again I find myself on a bit of a fools errand, seeking to read truth in something as erroneous as the black arts. Contradiction is its

Soulmass – Let Us Pray Review

[Cover art by Samuel Nelson] If you’re some sort of masochist, perhaps you relished the searing agony of reading through the inane scattered ramblings of my 2022 best-of list. It wouldn’t take you long to

Black, Raw, & Bleeding: Eulogy For The Unfallen, or Summoning The Flame Amongst The Shadows Of The Black Metal Underground

Greetings once again, Travel’rs, to the unhallowed halls of the dungeon beneath Castle Last Rites. This turn of the moon, a candle is set aflame in the darkest corners of the metals most black–not just

Autonoesis – Moon Of Foul Magics Review

Autonoesis died two years ago. A debut album, that was it. The Beginning of The End. Probably not the most promising way to start a review, as The End is so often seen as a

Diamonds & Rust: 40 Years Of Metallica’s No Life Til Leather

The year is 1981: The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal is cresting, its full force crashing across the globe. The wave’s godfathers, Judas Priest, are the biggest heavy metal band in the world, having