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Cardinal Wyrm – Cast Away Souls Review

Fear. And more specifically, fear of the unknown. That’s the big one. The single heaviest emotion that drives people to hide, drink, weep, not sleep, “see the light,” or, in a best case scenario, soldier


Rotör – Musta Käsi Review

Fine. Let’s come right out and talk about it. There’s really not much of a distance between Angel Witch’s self-titled 1980 debut and what Rotör is doing. It’s a whole bunch of Angel Witch mixed

Sabbath Assembly – Sabbath Assembly Review

So after taking it “easy” the past couple of times out, tackling new releases from familiar acts like Lamb of God and Fear Factory, I thought it would be good to step out of that

Terveet Kadet – Lapin Helvetti Review

The lead singer and only consistent member of Finland’s Terveet Kädet is named Läjä Äijälä. That’s five umlauts. Count ‘em. Five. How much more metal could you be than having five umlauts in your name?

Mantar – Death By Burning Review

Originally written by Dean Brown. It has been established by the likes of 5ive, Death From Above 1979, Jucifer, and the almighty Darkthrone that there’s no novelty to be found in heavy bands comprised of two musicians. Indeed, it’s probably

Domovoyd – Oh, Sensibility Review

Originally written by Ian Chainey Domovoyd‘s debut long-player, Oh, Sensibility, is psych-minded astro-metal charged by interstellar gamma rays. Oh, sorta like Ufommamut? The doomonauts slather these songs with jams, vibrating the soul with effects-heavy amp

Exitus – Statutum Est Hominibus Mori Review

One of the best aspects of The Endless Underground isn’t necessarily that there is always more and more great music to discover – the eternal bounty of jams is a known wonder – but rather

Victor Griffin’s In-Graved – In-Graved Review

There’s been something happening lately. You’ve probably felt it, too, most any place on this verdant sphere that you choose to call home. A shift in the smell on the wind. A faint rippling warmth