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Primal Fear – Seven Seals Review

I toyed with several different introductions for this review, all based around the idea that Primal Fear’s past albums have been weak and largely forgettable, until I realized something: I haven’t listened to a Primal

Winterfell – The Veil Of Summer Review

Shortly before sitting down and checking out what I’d like to sink my teeth into for my first review, I did some research online regarding a book in a new fantasy series called “The Song

Jon Oliva’s Pain – ‘Tage Mahal Review

It’s been just about a year since this album was released in Europe, so why not commemorate the occasion with this long overdue review? This is the latest solo endeavor by Savatage vocalist/keyboardist and man-Mountain

Satan’s Host – Burning The Born Again… (A New Philosophy) Review

Originally written by Ian Duncan-Brown. Satan’s Host play pretty average old school death metal with occasional power metal touches, though they classify themselves as black metal. If you poke around a bit on their website, you’ll

Widow – On Fire Review

I love old school metal. Whenever I start to get bored with the metal scene, I can pop in an album like The Legacy or Eternal Nightmare and I’m immediately reminded of why I love

Bible Of The Devil – Tight Empire Review

Originally written by Nin Chan Honest, sweltering, sweaty rock n’roll. An unfashionable style, to be sure, yet one that somehow manages to forge an uncompromising, single-minded path through the swathes of pretension that typify much

Slough Feg – Atavism Review

Originally written by Nin Chan Wow. WOW. WOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Sorry, I just needed a moment to wipe the drool off my keyboard. Anybody who knows me knows that Slough Feg (formerly known as The Lord Weird

Grave Digger – The Last Supper Review

Originally written by Gregory Bradley. Not since Rheingold have Grave Digger put toegther songs for an album and released the material. Did that sentence sound redundant? It should, and so does their newest album, The Last Supper. Actually, The Last Supper is