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Fozzy – All That Remains Review

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Fozzy is back for another round. Long gone are the days of being the long-lost heavy metal band at last freed from Japan, back to reclaim their stolen hits like

Judas Priest – Angel Of Retribution Review

“What have you achieved? Now you’re old. Did you fulfill ambition?”–“Run of the Mill”, 1974 “The Painkiller rises again”–“Demonizer”, 2005 The wait is over. After fifteen years, Judas Priest has given the fans what they want. Few

Chris Caffery – Faces Review

Not many musicians could be involved in two high-profile bands and still find time to release solo material. But, when your primary band is not nearly as active as it used to be, and on

Painmuseum – Metal For Life Review

See that thing up there? That’s the bar that’s been set incredibly high for Metal Mike Chlasciak and the debut recording from his Painmuseum outfit. First, we’ve heard about this band for years, including a

King Diamond – Deadly Lullabyes Review

Originally written by Harley Carlson. Over the past two decades the emperor of all that is eerie has unleashed quite the bizarre, yet widely acclaimed body of work; both with Mercyful Fate and the band that shares his alias, King

3 Inches Of Blood – Advance And Vanquish Review

Originally written by Ryan Plunkett To all the bands out there working on metal albums, just quit right now. Seriously, stop. You’ll never write an album as metal as Advance and Vanquish from 3 Inches

Saxon – Lionheart Review

Ahhhh, Saxon. So many years under that belt. In the right (or wrong?) light, frontman Biff Byford looks like the walking dead. Just what exactly keeps the old dogs running so long? Black Sabbath, Judas

Probot – Probot Review

Ahhh, Probot. The name of Dave Grohl’s metal project has been sending ripples throughout the music scene for years. The list of announced guest vocalists was a veritable who’s-who from metal’s golden era. Anticipation, and