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Unleashed – Odalheim Review

Since his unceremonious ouster from the seminal Nihilist, Johnny Hedlund has led Unleashed through eleven studio albums in twenty-three years. They’ve always consciously stood a few steps away from their Swedish compatriots – avoiding the

90s Essentials – Volume Four

Considering the album that sits atop this list, Volume 4 of MetalReview’s 100 Most Essential Albums of the 90s could very well just be titled EPIC WEEK. With major classics of folk and Viking metal

Unleashed – As Yggdrasil Trembles Review

originally written by Erik Thomas Unleashed has put out three very solid albums since the band’s legendarily bad 2002 comeback album, Hell’s Unleashed. Sworn Allegiance, Midvinterblot, and Hammer Battalion were all worthy of the Unleashedname and legacy, and even with yet

Unleashed – Hammer Battalion Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas. Synopsis: After the god-awful ‘comeback’ album, Hell’s Unleashed, Unleashed righted things with the solid Sworn Allegiance and even more solid Midvinterblot and now have three solid albums in a row with Hammer Battalion. Review: There’s not much to Hammer

Unleashed – Sworn Allegiance Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance Unleashed have released another album. And the primary question is, what does this band have to offer you that their peers don’t. Anything? Of course, there is the nostalgia factor, but

Unleashed – Hell’s Unleashed Review

Originally written by Dan Staige. Alright now this is my 1st experience w/ Unleashed. I had heard of them, seen their logo & whatnot, and to be honest I thought that they were a speed/blackmetal