Unleashed – Hell’s Unleashed Review

Originally written by Dan Staige.

Alright now this is my 1st experience w/ Unleashed. I had heard of them, seen their logo & whatnot, and to be honest I thought that they were a speed/blackmetal band. Not quite. Imagine if John Tardy from Obituary got a little less “wacky” w/ his vocals and basically repeated the chorus/song title incessantly to no end. Some of the songs even ring of a sped-up Obituary. I tend to get a whole 80’s sort of feel when I hear some of this material for some reason, and I’m guessing it’s the “trying too hard to be evil” vocals. The whole image that this band tries to put forth is that of the satanic/evil kind, and I gotta say that the music, song titles and lyrics just do not match it at all. I mean come on, you’ve got an album titled “Hell’s Unleashed”, and then you’ve got songs like “Fly Raven, Fly”, “Mrs. Minister”, and “Joy in the Sun”?????? Yes, Joy in the fucking Sun. The repetitive choruses in these songs are a little too much for me to tolerate. They do have a very good, “roomy” production however, and some of the guitar riffs are good’n’heavy, but speaking for myself the stuff just moves way too slow and there’s really not much variety at all. “Your Head is Mine” for some reason just brings me back to the days of when I’d see the local mullet-headed neighborhood bully drive by in his Trans-Am blasting Quiet Riot or Motley Crue……. So speaking as a death metal fan, I cannot speak extremely high of Unleashed’s latest here. The pitch that Century Media printed on the back of this got me thinking I was going to hear a complete blast of fury like never before. That was horrendously incorrect. I guess it may be fun to listen to a few times, but I just gotta have more stimulation than this mid-tempo, repetitive Swedish metal here. If you’re into the cheese lyrics, then you may think of this as a more “extreme” change of pace as opposed to stuff like Hammerfall & Swordmaster, but I’m finished listening to this now, and I don’t think my cd player will ever see it again.

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