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Aiumeen Basoa – Iraganeko Bide Malkartsutik Review

Fans of the genre know too well that picking up a new folk metal album can be such a crapshoot. The search for quality in this niche of metal can be like treasure hunting in

Skyforger – Kurbads Review

Although Kurbads is my first experience with Latvia’s Skyforger, a little bit of research taught me that the band has a back-catalog of four full-lengths devoted to pagan folk-inspired black metal. I also learned that

Svartsot – Mulmets Viser Review

originally written by Erik Thomas Much like Heidevolk, Denmark’s Svartsot came out with a solid debut a couple of years ago and made an immediate mark on the somewhat frolicky Viking metal scene by mixing stern mid-paced chunky death

Heidevolk – Uit Oude Grond Review

originally written by Erik Thomas I was a huge fan of 2008’s Wallhalla Wacht from these Dutch folk-metal newcomers (new at the time, at least).  When I heard that 2010 would see a follow up, I almost soiled

Finntroll – Nifelvind Review

originally written by Erik Thomas There are a handful of bands for me that are blind, day of release purchases whenever they release a new album. I don’t need to download the album to “preview”

Eluveitie – Everything Remains (As It Never Was) Review

originally written by Erik Thomas I’ll say this throughout the course of my upcoming review, but so far in 2010, folk/pagan/Viking metal has been pretty damn good: Finntroll, Heidevolk, Varg, Svartsot, Bifrost, just to name a few

Ereb Altor – The End Review

Ereb Altor were originally conceived back in the glory years of 1990, likely as soon as these two friends (also members of Isole) finished listening to Bathory’s Hammerheart for the first time. The End is

Neun Welten – Destrunken Review

Originally written by Ross Main. Sometimes – and only sometimes – it really is nice to get away from from the rampaging riff, steam train double kick and flem-flinging roar of metal that all of