The Black Dahlia Murder – Unhallowed Review

Originally written by Dan Staige.

Ah it’s the new generation of American short-haired metal that seems to be gaining lots of momentum these days in the “extreme” metal scene. I tell you what though this is some really high energy stuff here, and although it’s got some styles included here that I generally tend to avoid (Swedish thrash, melodick), I am finding that it is a very well balanced album w/ good production and very speedy & tight musicianship. I see that they are signed on MetalBlade and it’s easy to hear why. Riffing is greased lightning speed and done to perfection, w/ no cracks in structure whatsoever. I hear lots of thrash oriented riffs and traditional melodic soloing played over the driving rhythm guitar as usual but one thing I’m not used to hearing is vox trade-offs to a very well copied earlier Carcass style. I checked the website and the lead vocalist has the tools from the Tools of the Trade album tattooed on his arm so I know they’re obvious Carcass wershippers (all you need now is some fucking hair man). I really like “Thy Horror Cosmic”. It has a mean as heck death riff opening and ending it and has the darkest feel on the album. These songs are extremely speed-driven and it’s apparent mass amounts of time have been put into song practice to get the shit this tight. Good harmonies pop up as well and you can tell these guys know their metal.

Being a picky basturd I really can’t find anything to go on here as far as bitching about the quality of this album. It does contain riffing & style that is gaining a lot of popularity nowadays, but it is very well done and immense work ethic is obvious. I predict quite a bit of hype and exposure for this band, mainly because this style seems to be the “in thing” but also because so many bands are coming out trying in vain to “change the face of American Metal”. Last time I checked, American metal didn’t sound like Swedish thrash. It sounded more like Internal Bleeding. But I guess everybody’s got their own ideas about it. “Props” & respect to Black Dahlia Murder for a quality album that will surely find it’s proper place in today’s metal masses.

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