Krisiun – Works of Carnage Review

As much as I don’t get into black metal bands, I DO get into death metal bands, so reviewing a CD by Krisiun is just as problematic but for the opposite reason. My intellectual side (such as it is) wants to be fair, impartial and all that goulash, but my emotional side hears the music and just digs the shit out of it. There is no more rationale for liking this than disliking the other. I can only do what I can do, so…. This is pretty standard Death Metal: fast, heavy, guttural and tricky. I was fond of Krisiun’s last release despite its mid-heavy production style – maybe even because of it. It was a little different sounding, and the riffs and runs really stood out clearly. But it was also kind of flat and didn’t get my head moving or my fingers drumming. “Works of Carnage” doesn’t suffer from this problem. The production is meatier and heavier, but the riffs/runs do blend together more. Still, it’s a satisfying sound. There are a few more riffs on this record than the last, which seemed like song after song of runs up and down various scales. This one seems to let the rhythms take a larger part in the songwriting, and that makes the songs move much better. The album starts with the far too common intro thingy, then rips into “Thorns of Heaven”, a fastish number that gets the blood moving. “Murderer” follows, and is more or less just like the first song; fast, lots of runs, angry death metal vocals, double bass drums throughout. These guys do this very well, but honestly I am not hearing anything that Misery Index and Dying Fetus aren’t doing already and perhaps with more panache. And the tempos rarely change, which is unfortunate. “Scourged Centuries” stood out for me as a variation on the Krisiun theme, so it’s not all the same song with different lyrics… As far as musicianship goes, these guys shred with the best of them. The drummer and guitarist – brothers – have a definite relationship when they play, and it’s fun to listen to them go after it. The bass tends to get lost in the mix, so it’s hard to tell what he’s doing specifically. It sounds like he’s simply following the drummer around, which is tricky enough. Vocally they sound like any other decent Death Metal band; roaring, gravelly, incomprehensible. As a unit they are tight and concentrated. Bottom Line: I love Death Metal and these guys are a good Death Metal band. While they don’t bring anything radically new to the style they still play with emotion, style and cohesiveness. This would be a second tier band for me, and I would recommend it to anyone who is a hard core fan of the style. For anyone who isn’t fanatical about DM, I would say this is a quality record by a quality band, not earth moving, but decent and well made. I will definitely be listening to this again.

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