Mnemic – Mechanical Spin Phenomena Review

I like this CD. It’s not great, but I like it. It’s probably Metalcore with a few keyboard noises. It might even be NuMetal, if you still believe in that shit. It’s got a little Darkane, a little Sevendust, and a smattering of Meshuggah; shouted vocals, singsongy choruses. The press release makes it sound utterly impossible to succesfully categorise, but seriously? Nah. It’s nothing most of us have not heard before. But it’s not bad. When I mention metalcore or numetal I am speaking of few riffs, chugging chords and slow tempos. Not sludgy, doomy slow, but “funky” slow. Low endish guitars with lots of bite that don’t do a whole lot other than chug along. The bass follows the guitars and they all follow the drums. Standard stuff these days. The timing is interesting, though, and the keys are used to good effect, and sparingly. The singer is a shouter, as I said, and stays hardcore style throughout the disc. There are a couple of tracks where he is doubled with the now tired Anselmo whispermumble, but that’s easily ignored. Again, not bad but nothing new. The production really gives this album a kick. Meaty, relentless and crisp, it brings out the headbang factor in these songs. Every instrument is clearly audible and nothing dominates. It maybe sounds a bit canned, but it works. Again, this is nothing any number of metalcore and numetal bands can’t claim, but you can’t knock a band for wanting to sound clear and heavy. It’s very hard to identify what it is about this record that makes me want to recommend it. If you take all the stuff I just wrote and add “it just fucking sounds good when you play it” that would be about as accurate a description as anything I can muster. They are a decent band playing decent music with very good production. Bottom line: I struggled with this review as I knew I had to bring up the numetal card, but I hoped the reader would get the fuck over it. If this is numetal, all numetal should be so tasty. It’s certainly a cut above most of the other bands of this style and it leans more heavily on the metalcore side anyway. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to simply rock, nevermind the ramifications. I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who just can’t stand the nuMetalcore styles, as this won’t change your mind. I will enjoy listening to this now and then.

Posted by Chris Sessions

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