Light This City – Remains Of The Gods Review

Originally written by Ramar Pittance

This band sounds like a lot of bands you’ve heard before. At the Gates, Carcass, Testament, maybe a dash of the more epic styling of Detonation. They’re called Light This City and they play very competent and well studied melodic neo-thrash. They’re from San Francisco, and they are not metalcore. Remains of the Gods is the album, and it’s good. But, you don’t need it.

The ethic here is similar to bands like Darkest Hour or Trivium. They aspire to not only riff like their heroes, but to do so convincingly. It’s not exactly a lofty goal, but it’s an honest one. The results are pretty familiar. There’s not an ounce of fat on Remains of the Gods, as every song is stacked with taught wrist work. It’s clear that the players have put more time into training their picking hands than their fret-hands, as the brunt of the riffs are razor-sharp and compact gallopers. Occasionally, however, they embark on these more restrained and eloquent numbers. “Fractured by the Fall,” is just such a tune, and it’s the most memorable piece on the album. It’s also where the Detonation reference comes in, as the recurring melody is uncannily similar to that of the title track on An Epic Defiance.

What sticks out about this album? It doesn’t suck nearly as hard as all the other American bands attempting this style. They care about riffitecture, and rely on speed rather than machismo. It’s a metal album, most assuredly. There are no breakdowns, gang vocals, or unsavory ethics, just riffs. These are riffs you’ve heard before, but played well for the duration. You’ll probably be bored by track seven, but if you played the album backwards you might dig it just as much as you dug track two when you played the album from the start.

If this band plays with somebody else with a bit more distinction in your area, then don’t miss them. You might be rocked into buying Remains of the Gods, and that’s not a bad thing.

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