God Dethroned – The Toxic Touch Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas.

God Dethroned’s second album, The Grand Grimoire, has always hovered around my by top 20 death metal albums of all time, but subsequent releases have never reached that level and to be truthful, Bloody Blasphemy, The Ravenous and Into the Lungs of Hell barely registered with me. However, with the addition of guitarist Isaac Delahaye for their last effort, The Lair of The White Worm, their best effort since The Grand Grimoire, (especially the track “Nihilism”) things were looking up. And things continue to look up as The Toxic Touch replaces The Lair of The White Worm as the band’s best album since The Grand Grimoire.

Thrashier, heavier, more melodic and with the best production the band has ever had, The Toxic Touch has Henri Sattler and Co. finding the same variation of moods and atmospheres within the melodic death metal/thrash genre as The Grand Grimoire did, albeit more polished and with a far tighter delivery. An increased sprinkling of synths (“On Wings of Pestilence”, “The Day You Died”, “Macabre World”) amid the tracks give a bit of subdued orchestral pomp to the gutsy proceedings. Some excellent mid paced tracks like the “The Day You Died” and “Under A Silver Moon-ish” gait of standout track “Typhoid Mary” break up the hack and slash, rumbling mix of tracks like “Hating Life”, Falling Down”, “Macabre World” or more melodic numbers like “2014″ and the aforementioned “On Wings of Pestilence”, “Typhoid Mary” and closer “Fail to Exist” where Delahaye really makes his presence felt with sweeping solos and well placed harmonies.

Sattler has the same old rasp he has had for ten years and still is far from the best lyricist in metal, but with God Dethroned’s solid songwriting there’s no real need for vocal or lyrical gimmicks or musical ones for that matter, as God Dethroned continue to be one of metal’s more underrated yet consistent and unflinching acts.

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