Mors Principium Est – Liberation = Termination Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas.


The Finnish darlings of melodic death metal appear to have hit a plateau of sorts…


Arguably responsible for giving melodic death metal CPR with their first two albums, Inhumanity and especially the impressive The Unborn, Liberation=Termination unfortunately sees a bit of a let down after the prior release.

Most will hate me for this, considering the general love that’s shown for this band, but I have to be truthful, Liberation=Termination is a tremendous letdown. Other than a few tracks, (i.e. the techno and female chant laced “The Animal Within”, “Sinners Defeat”), the album is far less adventurous and experimental playing a more typical and familiar form of melodic death metal. Of course, if that’s your thing then tracks like “The Oppressed Will Rise”, “Finality”, “Cleansing Rain”, tired instrumental interlude “Forgotten”, “The Distance Between” and “It Is Done”, which still play the band’s more up-tempo, aggressive and superbly produced take on the genre, will give you a Friden sized boner.

However, the whole affair just seems less gregarious and youthfully energetic. Where The Unborn almost was excessively creative and overblown, giving the genre a huge middle finger, Liberation=Termination comes across as incredibly safe, just listen to closing instrumental, “Lost Beyond Retrieval”. Yawn. It just seems like the band blew their wad with The Unborn, and the refractory period just isn’t over yet.

Let’s hope that the band can recover and find the energy that filled their last album and along with Holland’s Detonation, continue to excite the genre.  That being said, Dark Tranquillity certainly seem ready to take thier crown forcefully back after MPE and a handful of others keeping it warm for a couple of years.

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