Trap Them – Sleepwell Deconstructor Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas.


I hope you have some “Tucks” medicated anal pads handy folks, cos’ Trap Them is going to tear you a new asshole.


I had zero expectations for this record after randomly signing up for this album. Then a little research revealed this New Hampshire band is comprised of members of Backstabbers Inc., December Wolves and Grief (though I believe the line-up has changed since this album was recorded); I felt a slight shift in my pants. Then I read “grindcore rock n’ roll with the Sunlight Studio sound” at their Myspace page; full fledged erection folks. And they are fucking A right.

Imagine a bunch of chaos, noise obsessed yanks playing a form of Nasum-esque grind mixed with a punky Comecon/Entombed form of death and roll, delivered with a full on Sunlight buzz (And I mean FULL on Wolverine Blues rumble and crunch) and you will have an idea of Trap Them’s absolutely crushing debut record.

Twelve generally short stabs of vicious, hacking, power chord filled chaos that will shake you to your core and rattle your filings – come together to fill this short but sweet album. Only the 4+ minute “Destructioneer Extraordinaire” with a Cursed (who are labelmates) like sludgy lope, breaks up the feedback drenched, sheer velocity of tracks like “Insomniawesome”, “They Followed The Scent Of Jihad All The Way To Thieves”, “Collapse & Marathon”, “Garlic Breakfast” and….fuck it-all of them, which within their own crusty tones, have plenty of heaving heft.

To put it bluntly, Sleepwell Deconstructor blew my sphincter clean out of my body, making sure all my bodily fluids were free to cascade from the gaping wound where my rectum should have been.

Nice work boys. I’ll see you on my year end list.

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