Gilead Fest 2014 – Let’s Do This

Originally written by Jordan Campbell

What better way to cap a slow news week than with a vacation, eh?

I’ll be abandoning the comfy climes of Minnesota to spend a long weekend in the bastard state of Wisconsin, but not just to load up on sharp cheddar and Spotted Cow. Along with Erik Highter (and a good portion of the blogosphere), I’ll be stationed at the Oshkosh Masonic Center for the entirety of the Gilead Media Music Festival.

While I can’t guarantee full updates (due to a combination of touch-and-go wi-fi and touch-and-go sobriety), you can follow us on Twitter, where in addition to blasting updates on the moment’s blastbeats, we espouse words of towering wisdom, such as:

 Anyway, here are the three bands I’m most stoked to see:


Initially, Container Ships threw me for a loop with it’s aggressive fuck-offs in the face of convention, but it’s blossomed into one of the most rewarding records of the past few years. Can’t wait to hear their newfound “bummed Godflesh” tone thrown at me like a bagful of sad little hammers.


Where the hell did these guys come from? It’s great to hear some straight-up, sweeping black metal being wrought by the regular-ass dude set, and tempo-twisting burners like “Cold Winds Howled Across the Desolation” are guaranteed to crush.
Scope Dave Schalek’s review of their latest here.


A late replacement for Inter Arma, I’m actually more jazzed to see this crew in their stead. 2013’s Beyond All Light was critically acclaimed, yet hasn’t caught on like a black metal record loaded with majestic builds and tasteful symhonics truly should. Hopefully this appearance will turn the tide in their favor and throw ’em some momentum, because they’re truly doing something special while manipulating the traditional mold.
So yeah. I’m hitting the highway. See you there.
If not? See you here. Have a good weekend, humans.

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