Hod – Book Of The Worm Review

Originally written by Chris Redar

Everything’s “blackened” these days. From “blackened” thrash (Blash ™) to “blackened” death (Death Bletal™), it’s tough to find a musical style that hasn’t had the cranberry of genres inserted into it in the same fashion that gluten is taken out. But good ol’ grind is safe, right? Surely the powers that be would step in and intervene with some corpse-painted, leather wristguard-wearing D&D nerd rolling a 2D6 on our system-stabbing blast fest…


Hod must not have gotten the memo on this. Hailing from San Antonio (and sporting a demo called Cry and Piss Yourself, which for most LR staffers is a normal Saturday afternoon), this five-piece attacks with as much Napalm Death as Dark Funeral. Sure, there’s Scandinavian influence dripping off of the riffs like the mold dripping off of that towel you’ve had in front of your shower for the past month, but the rhythm section is str8 outta wherever the fuck grindcore comes from… Let’s say Cleveland.

Cleveland- Land of a Thousand Grinds. That’s got a nice ring to it. You’re welcome, Cleveland.

Del “the Entity” and Trans-Am (seriously) hold the spine of this Grack ™ assault in place with a speedy and tight-but-not-too-tight performance. Think Absu with a much, much more able-bodied drummer. And it would also be wise to think Absu (or maybe even schleckier affair such as early Exhumed) when it comes to lyrical ridiculousness. It’s obvious from around the first syllable uttered by Vladibeer Reebs in that frost-giant-smoking-Newports voice of his that lyrical content is in service of the tuneage. Or, at least, one would hope. A sample, from “Beware the Death Whores”:

Beware the Death Whores
They fuck the dead
I’d hate to be a Leprosy Whore in Hod’s universe, man. Not that what Reebs is saying is of any consequence; so much of this album is firmly in the “big dumb fun” camp the lyrical content gets a rare slide from ya boy. Book of the Worm is a blast from front to back. And it’s an incredibly short front-to-back for the style, which is a breath of fresh air in a year that has seen some excellent releases hobbled with bloat. A half hour or so is much easier to digest than, say, the latest Panopticon, which has a running time of approximately a month. It’s okay to take a break and party down once in a while. Hod will let you crash on their couch for this one.

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