We Slept, Nile Decided To Release A New Song For Easter About Sacrificing Humans

[Now that the day is over, file this one under: “Cruel LR April Fool’s Pranks.”]

Yeah, that. During the hours most of us spent dreaming about what we might get in our Easter baskets—aka: jack shit, because we’re ADULTS—the sneaky, sneaky Nile-sies decided to finally release the first evidence of their brand new line-up. Case in point, a wonderfully cabalistic, surprisingly H.E.A.V.Y. cut filled with all the things we’ve come to expect from the delightfully twisted brain of good ol’ Colonel Sanders called “Tlaca Xi Peualizth es Gran Sacrificio — Tlacaelel Mochiyayoyotl Exaction.”

Wait, what? Spanish? Aztecs? What the Neter-khertet is going on around here.

First things first, unless you’ve been sleeping under a particularly heavy pyramid stone, you know that the Nile camp recently took a heavy blow in the membership department. Gone is our friend Dallas Toller-Wade (very, very sad emoji) and in comes a fellow named Brian Kingsland (also of North Carolina tech-death smashers Enthean) to fill some seriously gigantic and mummified boots. Nervous?? Yeah, us, too.

Second, word on the street is that the new material from Nile will stretch its Bennu wings a bit and incorporate ancient mythicism from multiple civilizations that have long since been buried by time and 10 billion tons of dust.

Perfectly fitting for any death metal fan’s snuggly Easter Sunday, “Tlacaelel Mochiyayoyotl Exaction” explores a particularly brutal practice of human sacrifice to the gods in order to ensure prosperity and, well, probably good fortune with regard to a yet to be “officially titled” release in the not-too-distant future through Nuclear Blast.

In the meantime, however, we get to be leveled by a NEW NILE SONG embedded on the band’s new >>homepage<<.


Welcome back, boys! And don’t forget to catch Nile on tour this year with Soulfly. Dates >>here<<

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  1. Coming into this on a Monday morning and completely forgot yesterday’s date…

    Goddamn, I hate Jefferson Starship


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