Radux – Disaster Imminent Review

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For as long as there’s been a threat of nuclear disaster, people have lived in fear of dying as a result of a nuclear disaster. Personally, I’ve never really understood that dread because death by nuclear waste could conceivably lead to a scenario where one becomes mutated enough to lift cars and throw them through brick walls before being gunned down in the city streets by a heavily armed militia and/or tank fire, and that sounds fucking terrific to me. In the grand scheme of things, I’d take being killed by the National Guard after mutating into an enraged, misshapen leviathan over, say, having the ol’ ticker blow out while “parking the brown Cadillac” after morning oatmeal. If you feel similarly, Finland’s Radux is for you. Well, maybe—you kinda need an indestructible devotion to oldschool thrash, too.

Disaster Imminent sounds like a long lost Nuclear Assault demo—partly because it’s raw, punky thrash that beats beauty over the head with a large sack of dead Baltic herrings, but mostly because vocalist/bassist Juho Vaarala is a dead ringer for a young John Connelly and the songs mostly deal with the joys of nuclear annihilation.

Four songs, fourteen minutes of pain, and a lifetime of glowing boils and surprise appendages await!

Release date: September 14, 2018
Label: Svart Records

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