Medieval Demon – Medieval Necromancy Review

Fast Rites: because sometimes brevity is fundamental.

On the Bathory Album Spectrometer Scale (patent pending), Greek black metal tends to fall between the Blood Fire Death and Hammerheart points of reference, known largely for big, epic-sounding riffs with plenty of bombastic reverb, touches of almost symphonic elements, roots in folk legend, or all of the above. Consistency as well, with bands like Kawir and Varathron both releasing some of the better work of their respective careers in the last two years. Both bands have evolved through the years to become masters of their craft – and then there’s Medieval Demon. Having released scattered demos and a single full-length since as early as 1994, the band seems stuck in the early days of records like the aforementioned Varathron’s debut His Majesty At The Swamp, and for those looking for more of the grimey, raw, and evil sounds of Greece’s black metal scene, their latest offering Medieval Necromancy is an excellently-paced romp with black metal’s oldest muse. Plenty of mid-paced riffing and blistering tremolo packed with atmosphere are met with hidden gems, like the ghost-like pinch harmonics on “Spells Of The Akkadian Priest,” the invocation during the intro of “Invisible Black Magic Ritual,” or the timpani-like floor tom hits that echo like cannon fire across the backdrop of the album, especially on “Blackmoon Sacrifice.” The eerie synths will strike a chord with those who are itching for a castley vibe.

The pacing of the album can not be stressed enough. It builds upon itself, for example, by the time “Into The Caves Of Blood” comes around, Medieval Demon are compiling all three elements discussed above into a total siege of the auditory senses. For those who can’t get enough Greek black metal, Medieval Necromancy is sure to help satisfy the fix.


Release date: June 22, 2018. Label: Hells Headbangers Records.

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