Holy Grove – II Review

Fast Rites: because sometimes brevity is fundamental.

It’s been a while since doom has had a big enough year that multiple high-quality albums end up falling through the cracks, but such is the case in 2018: Part 2.


We love thunder, do we not, we people who love the heavy metals? Lightning also rules, of course, particularly if we’re able to ride it, but the resulting thunder is what rattles our brains and bangs our heads against the stage like we never did before. Portland, Oregon’s Holy Grove knows how the hell to deliver the thunder, baby. Big, doomy thunder. The sort of thunder that slaps the living room bay window into pieces and right onto the floor upon cranking this mammoth the way II is begging to be cranked. Riffs here are woolly and anxious to plunk down on a deep couch to bulldoze your face like an overly hospitable St. Bernard, and the drums roar right alongside like primitive cannon fire.

The not-so-secret Holy Grove weapon, however, is the fiery, BOOMING voice of Andrea Vidal, who occupies every corner of II with a notably warm intensity that yields just enough gravel to bring to mind Joan Jett after binging The Desert Sessions for six straight months. It’s a perfect fit for Holy Grove’s immense swagger, and the combination of it all makes II a clear candidate for the 2018 award for “Album That Should Have Made A Hell Of A Lot More Year End Lists Than It Probably Did, Mine Included.”

Release date: November 9th, 2018
Label: Ripple Music

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