HellPoison – Ultra Outbreak Of Hell Review

[Fukkin cover blasphemies by BONECRUSHER]

The absolute cojones it takes to drop a demo on January 2nd, but total fukk to you!! While you organizing year-end lists into spreadsheet TOTAL METAL GODS HELLPOISON were shotgunning beers in parking lot with no caring what year is it! Fukk your 2 thousand and 20 three this is 1-9-8-4 THRASHING METAL FUKK!!

Fukkin release date: January 2nd, 2023. Fukkin label: Evil Killer Scars Records.
Chile hellsoldiers HELLPOSIN plug in and kick into heavy rocking jam. Punky, thin sound whips like a razor strait from the fukkin gutter. “FASTER, HARDER, LOUDER” does just what it says–at first maybe sloppy sound but gets cooking with some hot guitar and MOTÖRCHARGED rhythm. VoKILLS are TOTAL MANIC MURDER, especially for turbofukk anthem “DIE WHILE YOU FUCKING.”

The DEMON-STRATION is only getting warmed up, hailing THRASHING METAL GODZ such as early SODOM and DESTRUCTION and SABBAT. HELLPOISON also fist through asshole of SHOW NO MERCY SLAYER for when tapping into twisted NWOBHMIC EVIL, especially with center song “BLACK QUEEN.” The band unclench impressive talent for channeling the likes of early JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN (Di’Anno era, of course) straight through the colon of SATATNIC EVIL à la VENOM. The solos at the end of the song rip like sobering hellfire through the madness, with the tastefully hesitant inclusion of the synth (again, how very 1984!). The bass drops BOMB AFTER BOMB, especially on “ANCIENT FIGHT” running up and down the neck with WHIPLASHING FUKK!!

The VOKILLS reveal a bit of HELLPOISON’S post-1984 hand, playing cards heavily in the favour of Japan’s ABIGAIL, but it is a fitting. Nevertheless, demo of HELLPOISON feels like kvlt gem of an era that lurks in the pages of long-lost fanzines and home dubbed cassettes. Sole maniac Nicolas “EVIL KILLER” Muñoz isn’t simply copying the godz of chaotic thrash so much as speaking their language–and when it comes to TRUE THRASHING METAL he has a serpent’s tongue, darting between turbo-charged NWOBHM licks and full-on thrash INTENSITY for to capturing the best of both worlds with seemingly effortless simplicity: May it be known: HELLPOISON speak POWER to STEEL.

Total overall rating is 666 FUKKS, give said FUKKS in form of TOTAL $UPPORT HELLBRÖTHER!!! on Bandcamp so EVIL KILLER SCARS label can press a tape and fukkers like me can buy one hahaha! Ultra Outbreak Of Hell rips and if you don’t liking you can go to ASSHOLE!! LONG LIVE TO TRUE THRASHING METAL MAYHEM INFERNO!!


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  1. Hey, just wondering about your site’s policy re portrayal of women? I visit your site regularly, I get a lot out of your reviews, and am surprised that a release with this type of imagery is featured. One could argue that this is all about shock and jest. Yet having racist or nazi imagery on a CD cover, even if it’s done for shock value, is of course not OK. So why is it ok to have imagery that objectifies women like this, and contributes to rape culture. As a former fem boy who is now non-binary, this stuff makes me feel that I don’t belong in metal communities. Thanks for listening.


    1. Appreciate the feedback, Rodney. We remember you providing similar feedback a couple years ago. As previously stated, our guidelines will likely forever need revisiting / tweaking, and it’s always good to be reminded of that. We want the site to be a place where everyone feels welcome, and even though metal’s imagery can frequently be over the top or test limits, there’s always a place for conversations like this.


  2. Good to see the conversation happening. Just discovered your site. Am looking for sites that I feel comfortable with – no NSBM, no ultra-nationalism, and metal that leaves behind sexist macho stuff. My community doesn’t tolerate portrayals of violence against women, it’s no joke and metal needs to grow up. Does this mean that you’ll be developing an editorial policy in this area? Thanks, Tom.


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