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Alcest – Les Voyages De L’âme Review

Yes, the new Alcest is here, and at the rate of pissing off just about everyone (for the album either being scored too high or too low), I have placed Les Voyages De L’Ame directly

Smohalla – Résilience Review

It’s hard not to make comparisons when dealing with debut releases. For Smohalla‘s incredibly worthy freshman effort Résilience, Emperor clearly comes to mind. If time travel were possible and I could somehow play this album

KK’s Best Of 2011

From a writers perspective, 2011 was a very interesting transition year for me. Somewhere in the process of graduating from college (4 years late, but hey…), spending some time to myself in Northern Germany and

Cynic – Carbon-Based Anatomy Review

Somewhere on the 210 freeway, I realized that Paul Masvidal is never going back to his old life. Nor should he. Because Cynic is an art project that was born into progression and has been

Rêx Mündi – IHVH Review

Regardless of the recent explosion of directions that black metal seems to be travelling in, there remains a good number of projects that dedicate their work to pure, seething evil. Much like the music itself,

Burzum – From The Depths Of Darkness Review

For the record, this is going to be a review written by a Burzum fan, for Burzum fans. Please kindly leave all complaints with the public relations department, or simply move on if the

The Morningside – TreeLogia (The Album As It Is Not) Review

Now here’s an interesting little something that’s perfect if feeling the cold breeze and watching the leaves die excites you. The Morningside is often referred to as “Moscow’s Agalloch” for obvious aesthetical reasons, but with

N.K.V.D. – Vlast Review

First off, some venting of frustration is in order here: The first thing that comes to some people’s minds upon viewing this album cover is probably something like, “Oh! Finally! Communist Black Metal! Now we