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Zach Duvall’s Top 20 Of 2012

Last year there figured to be about twelve or thirteen albums I was trying to shove into my top ten. This year there are easily eight or nine trying to wiggle their way into the

Last Rites’ Best Of 2012 – Combined Staff List

First thing’s first: Welcome to Last Rites! Now, it might seem weird for a “new” webzine to be bursting out of the gate with a Top 926-or-whatever Albums of the Year list, but, despite appearances


Ramar Pittance’s Top 20 of 2011

Originally written by Ramar Pittance I started writing about albums for MetalReview in 2003, and since then my affinity for the genre has waxed and waned, but my appreciation of what this community offers has never wavered.

Captain’s Best of 2011

[photo: painting by Brad Moore from Boldly Stride The Doomed] 2011 was certainly better than 2010, but that’s like saying a sinus infection is better than contracting lupus while falling down two flights of stairs, so


Dan Obstkrieg’s Best Of 2011

2011, huh? Political and economic turmoil throughout the world, major life changes here on the home front, all the usual anxieties and insecurities and tiny insignificant victories, and through it all, a certified fuckload of

KK’s Best Of 2011

From a writers perspective, 2011 was a very interesting transition year for me. Somewhere in the process of graduating from college (4 years late, but hey…), spending some time to myself in Northern Germany and

Zach Duvall’s Top 20 Albums of 2011

What. A. Year. Can’t say much else. I probably had 30 albums to try to squeeze into 20 spots and 15 into the top 10 this year. There was just so much wicked stuff I’d

Last Rites’ Best Of 2011 – Combined Staff List

2011 was a year punctuated by diversity. While many bemoaned the blackened inclination of our 2010 awards, it’s doubtful that accusations of genre favoritism will rear their heads this time around. The year’s best albums