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Taurus – No/Thing Review

originally written by Kyle Harcott Taurus’ No/Thing , with its menacing, doom-slaked vibe, embodies the infamous quote, “If you’re going to do something, do it well. And leave something witchy.” An auditory hallucination of mental hell

5Q5A – Slomatics

Belfast’s Slomatics are the Masters & Johnson of the wumgasm. They know this stuff forwards, backwards, slower, and lower. BF-ORs? Uh, yeah dude, BF-ORs. Enormous ones, in fact. The kind forcing you to circle the

5Q5A – Monolord

originally written by Craig Hayes You know how it goes. One of your pals recommends a band, and then you duly hate that person, wishing you could change time and claim the title of recommender.

Still Rotting – An Interview With Obituary

originally written by Juho Mikkonen Our 80s interview train makes it next stop at somewhere in Florida, where we invested a considerable chunk of the Last Rites pension fund in securing a very nice piece

5Q5A – Tengger Cavalry

What do you have in common with a successful Chinese graphic designer and composer for CCTV? You both love metal. If the two of you are wires, metal is the filament. And, the burst of

5Q5A – La Chinga

originally written by Kyle Harcott Waxin’ sticks with the greasiest riffs since ’76, Vancouver’s La Chinga roll it up tight and smoke it loose. Cosmic-birthing some of the rockinest psychedelic space jams, the Rain City

5Q5A – Sacrificial Blood

New Jersey’s death/thrash warriors, Sacrificial Blood, are skilled in the martial arts of the elders. It’s grown-people stuff. The trio’s fighting form is a little dustier, a little more Occam’s Razor than wiz-bang modern borkers

5Q5A – Mantar – Rawest Display of Power

Mantar. MANTAR. It evokes a VO shout from a B-flick trailer. HE COMES IN THE NIGHT. MANTAR. Wearing a congratulatory smirk, you slide over and hit up “Spit” on the ol’ Bandcamp. Out of nowhere, the German