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The European Answers – An Interview With Pestilence

originally written by Juho Mikkonen   For our final interview of this series, we invited Patrick Mameli of the almighty Pestilence to discuss a little bit about Consuming Impulse, a timeless death metal masterpiece that

5Q5A – Dead Instrument

From the land of Kierkegaard and King Diamond comes Dead Instrument, a grindcore four-piece that peddles perfectly blistering blasting. Think the hyperactive razor’s edge of Discordance Axis meets the turbo-charged attack of Yacøpsæ, duking it out in

Harbingers Of Pain, Possessors Of Power – An Interview With Whiplash

originally written by Juho Mikkonen Not many underground metal albums have been able to establish such a cult following as Whiplash’s 1985 full-length debut, Power and Pain (featured in the ninth installment of you know

5Q5A – Argus

originally written by Erik Highter In a just world, Argus would roam across the landscape, laying waste to every village they pass like the great rock gods of yore. Like Conan, they would crush their

5Q5A – Morgue Of Saints

The loneliness of the solo strummer? Disagreed, bud. Some men and women can turn their ten fingers into whole orchestras. Montrealer Elliot C. and his instrumental strain of sandy boogie, Morgue of Saints, is one

Against The Grain – An Interview With Oz

originally written by Juho Mikkonen This week we take the time machine all the way back to the formative years of Finnish underground metal (it was either this or travel back in time to find

5Q5A – Salem’s Pot

originally written by Erik Higher & Craig Hayes Wait, did you anticipate receiving serious, mini-essay, SAT-acing answers from an all-caps DOOMER named Salem’s Pot? One that has mastered the stomach-rub/head-pat of dropping the needle on Dopethrone

5Q5A – Shabda

  We were put on to Shabda, an Italian trio of avant-droners previously in Thee Maladoror Kollective, by the princely Matt Fitton over at The Sludgelord. Matt’s got a real knack for sniffing out delectable