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5Q5A – Beastwars

originally written by Craig Hayes New Zealand four-piece Beastwars has been on the receiving end of high praise at home and abroad since forming in 2007. The band’s steadfast maxim, “Obey the Riff,” might seem

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5Q5A – Exordium Mors

 originally written by Craig Hayes The roll call of New Zealand metal bands finding fans offshore is ever growing. Bands like Vassafor, Ulcerate, Diocletian and Witchrist have led the charge, and in recent years, groups


5Q5A – Forest of Tygers – United In Devastation

Originally written by Jordan Campbell Forest of Tygers‘ debut EP, Bruises, is a brilliant bastardization. As Captain noted back in April, it’s a smoldering, streamrolling mass of a record, as furious as it is genreless. That

5Q5A – Dirge

  Let’s be real. The word “dirge” isn’t all that appealing. Setting aside it’s aethestic ickiness, it’s also a bit, well, literal, at least when applied to our little corner of the universe. While brothers

5Q5A – Brutally Deceased: Catching Czech Sunlight

Originally written by Ian Chainey Some bands love their influences. Then, there are the bands that live their influences, that are wholly shaped by their influences. Brutally Deceased, a collective of Czech grinders and growlers

5Q5A – Helcaraxë

Over the course of their decade-plus existence, New Jersey’s Helcaraxë has tooled around with their death metal formula here and there, but the one thing that has stayed constant is the bombast. Plain and simple,

5Q5A – Lvcifyre

Lvcifyre is heavy like a nightmare is heavy. Theirs is not a heaviness entirely born of volume or of sheer violence, though both are certainly present, and in spades. Their heaviness is more made of

5Q5A – Shroud Of The Heretic: Rising From The Pit

Originally written by Ian Chainey We often dissect how something sounds without really imparting how it feels. Sure, sometimes, that’s all the music asks of us. In most genres, you can get away with clinical