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Blackguard – Dressed To Kill Review

Originally written by Sasha Horn. I had seen Blackguard perform once, not so long ago. And it was in one word, explosive. Lots of hair flailing, leather legs up on monitors, and fist-pumping against the night air thick

Everygrey Is Nevergrey: Optimism With Mr. Englund

Originally written by Sasha Horn Tom S. Englund emailed me about three months ago, out of the blue. Could this be a belated rockstar-hate-mail response to a couple of jabs I took in my review

Moloken – A Brotherhood Of Gloominess

originally written by Juho Mikkonen; band photos by Daniel Falk There’s a peculiar inborn dichotomy between volume and marginality in underground metal. On the other hand, the pint-sized flame that was ignited already forty years

An Interview With Massive Slavery

Originally written by Sasha Horn. “No slouches.” Straight from the keystrokes of fellow staffer, Erik Thomas, when he not so long ago took on the task of reviewing Massive Slavery’s latest offering, Global Enslavement. This, above all

An Interview With Woe – A Treatise On The Elite

Originally written by Jordan Campbell. At long last, the perpetually nascent USBM scene seems to be coming to a boil. In stark contrast to the late 90’s, when the words ‘United States’ and ‘black metal’ typically

Ufomammut – Music As A Religion

Originally written by Juho Mikkonen Although the plate of underground metal is full of impassioned zealots who seem to do nothing but harness all their energy to bring new pieces of art into being, only

Demilich – Excerpts From A 17-Year Swansong

originally written by Juho Mikkonen It’s rather unfortunate that the term “cult” (let’s just pretend that the other transcription doesn’t even exist) has gone through a process of depreciation through inflation of Weimarian proportions and

An Interview With Pestilence – The Quest for the Holy Grail

Originally written by Melissa Mercury. Hailing from the Netherlands, the influential death metal band Pestilence can be credited with creating the foundation for what death metal is today. Originating in 1986, they exploded onto the scene with