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Skepticism – Farmakon Review

Funeral doom is a whole area of music I am more or less unfamiliar with, apart from a little My Dying Bride – if they are even considered funeral doom. So with this release from

Gorgoroth – Twilight Of The Idols Review

Originally written by Ryan Plunkett Gorgoroth is a name synonymous with evil. Forming in the early nineties, they arrive in 2003 with their sixth full-length release, Twilight of the Idols. Anyone that listens to black

Rune – The End of Nothing Review

Originally written by Dan Staige. You have to be in the right frame of mind to listen to Rune. If you are diagnosed w/ bi-polar disorder it would be very helpful, as would good ol’

As I Lay Dying – Frail Words Collapse Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Recently, a non-metal friend asked me to recommend some of my more “tame” material for him to listen to – something with nifty guitar work, some real singing, and no

Misery Index – Retaliate Review

Originally written by Erik Thomas Damned to be forever tied to Dying Fetus musically, Misery Index has two huge obstacles to overcome. First, to shed the Dying Fetus mantle and become a band recognized for

John Arch – A Twist Of Fate Review

Anyone who has read my feckless ramblings on the message board knows that I have a problem with clean vocalists in metal. Some of that talk is hyperbole, but most of it is not. Clean

Edguy – Burning Down The Opera Review

Originally written by Gregory Bradley. One of the premiere power metal acts today, Edguy plays a brand of metal attempted by many but mastered by few. There is a reason why Edguy is at the

Cage – Darker Than Black Review

Originally written by Gregory Bradley. From the most unlikely of places, San Diego, California, comes Cage, classic metal’s hottest new act. “Darker Than Black” combines influences from across the realm of metal, from classic to