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[Cover art by Rheanna Fancypants]

Ritual Dictates – Give In To Despair Review

I’m sure that when Ash Pearson and Justin Hagberg chose to name their debut album Give In To Despair, it probably just sounded really metal and maybe tied some lyrical themes together. But here we

3 Inches Of Blood – Here Waits Thy Doom Review

In the case of The People vs. 3 Inches Of Blood for crimes against metallic credibility and musical decency, I side with the band’s defense. In fact, I’ve never quite understood why 3IOB rubs so

3 Inches Of Blood – Advance And Vanquish Review

Originally written by Ryan Plunkett To all the bands out there working on metal albums, just quit right now. Seriously, stop. You’ll never write an album as metal as Advance and Vanquish from 3 Inches